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REG emergency power supply

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To buffer the bus voltage. If a complete mains failure occurs, an external lead gel battery with a voltage of DC 12 V (SELV) can be connected to the REG power supply for buffering. The lead gel battery is recharged or maintained in its charged state by integrated charging electronics.
A binary input can be connected in order to register the operational statuses (mains voltage, error warning, battery operation).
For installation on DIN rails TH35 according to EN 60715. A data rail is not necessary.

Nominal voltage: AC 110-230 V ±10%
Operating voltage: min. AC 92 V - max. AC 253 V
Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz ±10%
Output to power supply:
Output voltage:
DC 30 V ±2 V
Output current: without battery with mains supply max. 300 mA, with battery without mains supply max. 640 mA
Short‐circuit current: < 1.5 A
Charging current: max. 1 A
Connections: plug-in screw terminal for main connector, operating state (4-pin, 3 floating con- tacts) and emergency power supply. Plug-in terminal for battery connection (two 1 mm pins)

Device width: 4 modules = approx. 72 mm
In KNX, to be completed with:
- KNX power supply REG-K/320 mA with emergency power input MTN683832
- KNX power supply REG-K/640 mA with emergency power input MTN683890
Accessories: Lead gel battery MTN668990

Binary input REG-K/4x24 MTN644892 

Contents: With connecting terminal and cable cover