Air quality/CO2 Sensor

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The MDT VOC gas sensor with calculation to carbon oxide equivalent.


  • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
  • Fits 55mm systems:
    - GIRA Standard 55, E2, E22, Event, Esprit
    - BERKER S1, B3, B7
    - JUNG A500, Aplus, Acreation, AS500
    - MERTEN 1M, M-Smart, M-Plan, M-Pure
  • Integrated temperature controller (PI, Two-position, PWM)
  • Temperature limit values min/max, frost protection alarm
  • Air quality limit value
  • PI controller to regulate air quality
  • 4 stage controller to switch HVAC with single object for each stage
  • Measurement range from 400-2000ppm
  • 4 objects to display the air quality in
    visualizations (e.g. green, yellow, orange, red)
  • Day/night object
  • Installation with support ring in wind sealed socket
  • Power supply via KNX bus without auxiliary voltage
  • Integrated bus coupling unit


ETS product data


Assembly and operation instructions

Technical manual