Audiofy P1

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Audiofy is the simple yet powerful integrated multiroom professional audio system created by Thinknx. Only one device combines audio matrix routing, power amplifiers for each output and up to four independent network players. It is also fully confugrable via web. The system permits to spread audio contents from external analog sources or from internal players towards up to 16 rooms with superior pure sound quality.

Audiofy is a scalable system which delivers music contents from internal players (up to 4) or analog stereo inputs (up to5) to stereo power amplified outputs (from 4 to 16).

Thanks to the many protocols supported, it is perfectly integrated inside automation systems. A native KNX TP port allows to send commands to the music system directly from another KNX devices and to receive feedbacks.
Through a complete set of Apps, the final user decides the routing of the audio sources and has a comlete control over his music listening experience. The internal player is directly controlled by the app, the music library provided by a NAS or USB stick can be browsed with a simple menu.
Even the music stored on smartphones or tablets can be reproduced directly using AirPlay, UPnP and the output can always be chosen through the app!
If the use wants to listen to radio or web contents, Audiofy provides the integration of Tune-In, so that the user can easily access the web contents.

ANALOG INPUTS  Audiofy accepts up to 5 analog, high impedance, single ended inputs with pluggable screw terminals. Selectable gain (0 to 20dB) for each single input.
An additional mono input can be routed contemporary to all the outputs and mixed with the source that is playing in the output. This function is very useful for public announcements or to convey high priority audio messages.

INTERNAL STREAMER  Streams and plays all the most diffused digital audio format. Each player is an AirPlay endpoint and Upnp renderer. It can play from DLNA and Upnp Media server, network sharings and USB pluggable storage.

SOUND PROCESSOR  Each input can be routed to 1 or more of the outputs. 3-Band equalizer, +15dB/-79dB volume control and L/R balance adjust for each output.

POWER OUTPUTS  Each output can deliver up to 50W into 40hm speakers.
Outputs can be split into 2 volume independent mono outputs to sound adjacent rooms with different volumes or where spatialization is not needed (bathrooms, corridors).
Class D, high efficiency, 2x50 W continuous on 4 Ohm, fault protected, stereo outputs. THD+N = 0.1% @ 25W - SNR = 120 dB

AUDIOFY P1 permits to spread music coming from 5 analog inputs or from the single internal player to 4 amplified outputs (expandable to 16). 

1x internal network player
5x single ended inputs
4x amplified stereo out
1x ethernet port

1x EIB/KNX TP port
1x USB port
Power 230 VAC 200W Max