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EVE Suite is the software tools suite for EVE Home and Building Automation systems. 

It includes the licensed server software, the core of the whole solution, the professional configuration software to plan your projects together with user interfaces and the App forsmartphones, tablets and Pc to control your Smart Home from anywhere.

EVE Suite can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for your tests and demos (in this case the server software is provided full-featured, but not licensed).

EVE Server is a powerful software which turns your installation into an energy-efficient and future-proof home, compatible with the most well-known technologies for building automation.

EVE Server is flexible: no matter how your home changes over time, the system can be expanded whenever the need arises.

EVE Manager is the programming tool designed for configuring EVE Server unit. Plan and design countless graphical interfaces for countless users. Graphical interfaces can be arranged with a high level of customization and can be used by all clients and all devices.

Take control of your Smart Home via our free app for Android, iPhone, iPad and desktops Mac OSX and Windows.

You can monitor and manage your Smart Home from anywhere in the world via EVE Remote Plus app. Simple, intuitive and fast.

You can try it by downloading it from here