EVE X1 Server

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EVE X1 Server is the hardware solution for advanced needs in the automation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, designed to manage an entire system.

EVE X1 Server is the compact unit for smart building control. It is the best solution for apartments, small to average residential houses and small commercial projects.

EVE Server most appealing characteristic is the compatibility with the most well known protocols for home and building automation. The system includes the Universal Gateway, a tool that allows communication between all protocols supported by EVE.
It is possible to connect systems based on different buses like KNX, Modbus, Z-Wave, My Home, By Me and many other systems (PRO version only).

EVE Server can communicate with all of the installations devices for security, access control, temperature control and audio / video.

EVE Server is able to independently perform many complex operations, to further minimize your energy consumptionand enhance the comfort of your home or building. You can use tools such as counters to perform precise analysis on your system, set mathematical functions in order to return useful data to determine actions and create logical operations to ensure that the system acts on the installation only upon the occurrence of certain conditions.

You can download for free EVE configuration software (MacOS and Win versions) at:

EVE X1 Server includes all the EVE Suite software tools.

EVE X1 Datasheet