EVO-KNX Paradox KNX interface

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The KNX interface module EVO-KNX is a KNX gateway for the Paradox EVO alarm systems. It enables bidirectional communication with the alarm system using the printer module (PRT3) from Paradox.

It allows integrators to take advantage of a fully integrated alarm system including KNX scenarios, automatic lighting using the motion detectors, arming or monitoring the system using a KNX visualization.

This interface is intended to be used with a PARADOX EVO series alarm system. The system must be equipped with a PRT3 module for RS232 communication.


Elausys EVO-KNX module is supplied from an external 12VDC power supply which can be provided by the AUX power supply from the alarm system.

The RS232 bus must be interconnected between the PRT3 and the EVO-KNX interface using the provided DB9 connector. No additional component or wiring is required.

User Manual

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