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The FACILITYMASTER combines EIBPORT V3, DATALOGGER V2, APPMODULE, KNXCONVERTER and AUDIOSERVER in one device. This guarantees a unique scope of services, ideal for the extensive requirements of large-scale projects. In addition, the professional server hardware offers outstanding performance. The combination of EIBPORT and APPMODULE enables the versatile integration of third-party applications. The EIBPORT offers visualisation and automation functions, while the APPMODULE provides the extensive application library from the BAB APP MARKET ( The BAB SECURELINK protocol and the ADVANCED CENTRAL VIEW (on request) are available to the FACILITYMASTER for connection and management of real estate properties with minimum configuration effort. BAB SECURELINK is also implemented in the EIBPORT and the LINKMODULE systems, enabling encrypted plant coupling across network domains. In this way, the individual properties are connected via the Internet or intranet without any special configuration effort.

ADVANCED CENTRAL VIEW provides specially optimized visualisation elements to ensure that the information can be displayed easily and clearly in the control center. With the help of the integrated DATALOGGER, the FACILITYMASTER offers professional data recording. It records up to 36 million records in an internal SQL database and regularly sends an Excel file by e-mail if desired. To round off the portfolio, KNXCONVERTER and AUDIOSERVER are also integrated. With the help of KNXCONVERTER, non-KNX-capable systems can be integrated via a simple ASCII protocol, while AUDIOSERVER and AUDIOMODULE enable you to set up sophisticated multi-room-audio installations.

The devices contained in the FACILITYMASTER make it one of the most powerful visualization, automation and integration gateways in the KNX market. It offers an enormous data acquisition capacity, a universal ASCII KNX gateway and a music server service based on the Logitech Media Server. Thanks to the powerful hardware, the devices integrated in the FACILITYMASTER have impressive performance. For example, the integrated EIBPORT offers up to 256 simultaneous visualization connections with CONTROL L and executes up to 2000 automation services in parallel. 

With the help of BAB SECURELINK, remote properties with an encrypted connection can be connected easily and uncomplicatedly to a central monitoring system via the Internet or intranet. This enables you to keep track of consumption, activities and malfunction reports for all connected objects. 

EIBPORT, APPMODULE, DATALOGGER, KNXCONVERTER and AUDIOSERVER: The combination of five devices makes the FACILITYMASTER a universal tool that can handle a wide range of tasks. FACILITYMASTER covers a wide range of applications, from property management to PC visualisation in open-plan offices. Use the supplied CONTROL W software for the use of virtual touch sensors and CONTROL R for room allocation planning.

The integrated DATALOGGER enables professional data acquisition. The data is stored in an SQL database and linked to the KNX project data. The software also allows you to send the desired data regularly as an Excel file by e-mail. The internal database is ready to collect more than 36 million records.

Designed in 19-inch format, the FACILITYMASTER fits perfectly into professional IT environments. Industrial quality components guarantee maximum reliability at all times. The high-quality front panel rounds off the appearance. Made in Germany quality. 


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