Glass Central Operation Unit with LCD Display

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The MDT Glass Central Operation Unit is used to control the indoor temperature, it has a working range from -10 to +50°C. It detects the temperature and releases telegrams in dependence on its parameterisation.
The large LCD display optionally shows inside/outside temperature, the desired value and the current time. 
Also user defined messages and 14byte telegramms from the KNX bus can be displayed.


  • Production in Germany certified according to ISO 9001
  • Large LCD Display (with automatic light intensity control)
  • Room temperature controller with temperature sensor (-10 to +50°C)
  • Comfort-/night-/standby-/frost protection operation, holiday function
  • Selectable temperature controller (PI, Two-position, PWM)
  • Status feedback by HVAC and RHCC status objects
  • Limit values min/max, frost-/heat protection alarm, min/max memory
  • Given value is stored at voltage failure
  • Indication of inside/outside temperature, desired value and time
  • Indication of user defined messages (1Bit)
  • Indication of text telegramms (14Byte)
  • Two direct switching functions (e.g. light, shutter
  • 20 switching functions via menu (Dimming/shutter/switching/
    sending of values/scenes/sending of given temperature value)
  • Ventilation functions (hand or automatic)
  • Integrated time switch (20 channels with 6 circuits times each)
  • Day-/Week-/Astro time switching function
  • 8 logical blocks with 4 inputs
  • Dimensions 92mm x 92mm
  • Recommended mounting height: 1,6m
  • Integrated bus coupling unit


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Assembly and operation instructions

Technical manual