Hitachi Air-to-Water to KNX Interface

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IntesisBox HI-AW-KNX-1 allows fully bidirectional monitoring and control of the Hitachi Air-to-Water systems from KNX installations. The interface is compatible with all the models of the Yutaki line commercialised by Hitachi.

  • Reduced dimensions, easy and fast installation.
  • Multiple control and status objects (bit, byte, characters…) with standard KNX datapoints.
  • One status object available for each control object.
  • Control on the A.W. unit based on the ambient temperature read from the unit itself or from the temperature read by any KNX thermostat.
  • The Hitachi A.W. can be controlled simultaneously through the remote controller of the A.W. system or through the KNX bus.
  • Total supervision and control of the Hitachi A.W. unit from KNX, including unit internal variables supervision, special modes control (such as Anti-legionella) and error alarm and codes too.


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