IP Router Secure

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The IP router connects KNX lines via data networks using the internet protocol (IP) and the KNXnet/IP standard. At the same time, this device enables bus access from a PC or other data processing devices.

  • Easy to connect to higher-level systems by using the internet protocol (IP)
  • Secure access and data transfer via KNXnet/IP Secure
  • Encrypted communication with authenticated devices
  • Can be used topologically flexible as an area coupler, line coupler or area and line coupler
  • LED displays for operational readiness, KNX communication and IP communication
  • Easy and secure configuration using ETS
  • Easy to connect to visualization systems and facility management systems
  • Direct access to the KNX installation from every point in the IP network (KNXnet/IP tunneling)
  • Fast communication between KNX lines, areas and systems (KNXnet/IP routing)
  • Communication across buildings and properties (networking properties)
  • Filtering and forwarding of telegrams according to
    • Physical address
    • Group address
  • LED displays for
    • Operational readiness
    • KNX communication
    • IP communication


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