KNX/DALI Gateway Plus

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The KNX/DALI Gateways from Siemens from the GAMMA product portfolio control modern lighting systems efficiently and conveniently.

  • For communication via KNX EIB with electronic ballasts (ECG) with a DALI interface
  • DALI outputs acc. to IEC 62386, each for communication with up to 64 DALI ECG Ed.1 and DALI-2 and at least 10 sensors
  • Integrated power supply with input voltage AC 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz or DC 120-240 V for powering the gateway electronics and DALI output
  • Maximum DALI output voltage of 19 V, short circuit resistant
  • Incorrect voltage detection during commissioning, whether incorrect power line is connected to a DALI output
  • LED display for displaying operation mode and error messages
  • Pushbutton for switching between bus and direct operating mode
  • One pair of pushbuttons for switching On/Off of all connected DALI ECG
  • One LED per DALI output for status signal of all connected luminaries in direct mode
  • Configurable assignment of max. 64 DALI ECG per channel to max. 16 DALI groups per channel, exclusive controlled in groups or single (switching, dimming, set dimming value and color temperature) and feedback for group status and lamp failure
  • Support of DALI DT8 ECGs for colour temperature control (Tunable White). Individual, group, scene, effect and schedule control for Human Centric Lighting
  • Configurable behaviour for bus failure (stand-alone mode)
  • Configurable pre-loaded applications without software (ETS)
  • Configurable function burn-in for all ECG via pushbutton or single via object
  • Scheduler for day, week, date and additional astro function
  • Control of all connected luminaries together in broadcast mode
  • Status signal and display of lamp and ECG failure per group and per DALI device
  • Transformation of dimming commands into a temporary set point adjustment for ECG with integrated constant light level control and directly connected light level sensor
  • One or two level timer
  • Up to four integrated one time or cyclical control of repeatable sequences or color effects
  • Distinction between self-contained emergency luminaries with one or two DALI devices
  • Starting the self-conducted testing of each individual inverter and reporting the test result via bus or save in a persistent memory with memory space monitoring over object
  • Distinction between function test, short duration test, and long duration test
  • Optional configuration of any DALI ECG to dim to a preset dimming value in case of emergency mode
  • Locking of switching and dimming commands as well as configuration while emergency mode is activated
  • Activation of emergency mode based on a configurable number of failed DALI ECG
  • Lock object to elimination of failure messages interruption of ECG during emergency lighting testing
  • Inhibit mode for disabling battery mode of self-contained emergency luminaries over pushbutton
  • Per channel up to six stand-by-area analysis for activation of switch actuators
  • Scene control for up to 16 scenes per channel
  • 16 integrated 2-level-controller for brightness control and 16 constant light level controller for main luminaries group and up to four additional luminaries groups
  • Possible assignment of a CIN to a DALI ECG
  • Possibility to reintegrate defective DALI ECG without ETS
  • Assignment of DALI ECG to groups and test option for ECG, groups, scenes and effects via ETS during commissioning
  • Assignment of DALI sensors and test option of sensors via ETS


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