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KNX Multitouch Pro

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For System M.
Comfortable room controller for controlling up to 32 room functions and the room temperature. All functions are displayed on a touch screen and are called up using simple finger move
ments. The user chooses from 3 interface designs that can be freely assigned to the room functions. The room temperature control can be shown in 2 different designs.
With room temperature control unit, display and connection for the remote sensor.
The room temperature control unit can be used for heating and cooling with infinitely adjust
- able KNX valve drives or to trigger switch actuators and heating actuators.
ETS device functions:

Switch-on behaviour of the user interface
Proximity function: The display and the start screen only become visible when approached
Gesture function: The device recognises a gesture (horizontal or vertical swipe movement)

and triggers a function. In this way, the light can be switched on when you enter the room, for example.

Cleaning mode: For a specific period of time, neither touches nor gestures are detected
Adjusting the background lighting
Setting the screen saver

With integrated bus coupler. The bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal.

KNX software functions:
Control unit/push‐button
Switching, toggling, dimming (single/dual-surface), blind (single/dual-surface), pulse edges trigger 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-bit telegrams, pulse edges with 2-byte telegrams, 8-bit linear regulator, scene retrieval, scene saving, signal function, fan control, operating modes, setpoint adjust
Functions of the room temperature control unit:
Controller type: 2-step controller, continuous-action PI control, switching PI control (PWM) Output: continuous in the range 0 to 100% or switching ON/OFF
Controller mode:

Heating with one controller output
Cooling with one controller output
Heating and cooling with separate controller outputs
2-step heating with 2 control outputs
2-step cooling with 2 control outputs
2-step heating and cooling with 4 control outputs

Operating modes: Comfort, comfort extension, standby (ECO), night reduction, frost/heat protection
Move all setpoints. Save all setpoint temperatures and operating modes when reset. External temperature monitoring. Additional output of the control value as 1 byte value on the PWM. Signal function for the actual temperature, valve protection function.

Scene function.
Operation: Touch display
Accessories: Dismantling protection MTN6270-0000, Remote sensor for universal room temperature control unit with touch display MTN5775-0003

Note: Programmable with ETS4 and higher.
Contents: With bus connecting terminal and supporting plate.

Technical manual

ETS Datafile