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KNX Push‐button Pro

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For System M.
Push-button with 1 to 4 operating buttons and status displays. In idle state, the surface of the push-button appears as a uniform plane. The inscription of the keys only becomes visible via the backlit symbols following activation. For this, you can use the enclosed prefabricated foils or the individual symbols with various motifs.
The position of the operating buttons varies depending on the selected number of operating
ETS device functions:
Behaviour and brightness of the status displays
Night mode: LEDs light up with reduced brightness
Proximity function: The LEDs are only activated and the functions only become visible when approached.

With integrated bus coupler. The bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal.

KNX software functions:
2 programming options:
Express setting: Calls up a pre-set configuration
Advanced setting: Individual configuration

Switching, toggling, dimming (single/dual-surface), blind (single/dual-surface), pulse edges trigger 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-bit telegrams (distinction between short and long operation), pulse edges with 2-byte telegrams (distinction between short and long operation), 8-bit linear regulator, scene retrieval, scene saving, disable functions.

Accessories: Dismantling protection MTN6270-0000, Foil set for KNX Push-button Pro MTN6270-0010

Note: Programmable with ETS4 and higher.
Contents: Device with inserted prefabricated foil.
With bus connecting terminal and supporting plate.
3 prefabricated foils and 24 different individual symbols with 1 carrier foil.

Technical sheet

ETS Datafile