KNX S-UP 230 V

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The actuators KNX S-UP 230 V control the 230 V AC drive of a shading element (blind, awning, roller shutter) or a window. The automatic for this may be provided externally or internally. An internal automatic offers numerous options for blocking, locking (e.g. master - slave) and priority settings (e.g. manual - automatic). Scenes may be stored and recalled via the bus.
The binary inputs of KNX S-B4T-UP and KNX S-B2-UP may be used for direct operation (e.g. manual push-buttons) or as bus inputs. KNX S-B4T-UP has got an additional input for a temperature sensor.

S-UP Datasheet

S-UP Manual

S-B2-UP Datasheet

S-B2-UP Manual

S-B4T-UP Datasheet

S-B4T-UP Manual