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The Actuator KNX S1-BA4 with integrated façade control has a multifunctional output which can connect to either a drive with Up/Down control (blinds, awnings, shutters, windows) or two switchable devices (On/Off for light and ventilation). Because the output is designed to be free of potential, other systems can also be controlled, e.g. via the manual switch input on a motor control unit.

Automation can be specified externally or internally. Internally, there are numerous options available for blocking, locking (e.g. master-slave) and priority definitions (e.g. manual-automatic). Scenes can be saved and called up via the bus (scene control with 16 scenes per drive).

The KNX S1-BA4 has four analogue/digital inputs that are used as bus inputs (buttons, alarm messages etc.) or for temperature sensors T-NTC.