KNX to BACnet Gateway

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Supervise from any BACnet BMS your KNX installation or simply share your KNX data with any BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP Controller. It includes BACnet Notifications, Calendars, Schedulers and Trend Logs. BTL approved.

The aim of this integration is to make accessible KNX Data points from a BACnet/IP or BACnet MSTP. The BACnet gateway allows other BACnet devices in the network to perform subscription (COV) requests and, also read and write its internal points.

From the KNX system point of view, in the startup process of the gateway and, also after a detection of a KNX bus reset, the gateway polls the KNX signals configured to be updated in this situation and maintain the received values in memory to be served to the BACnet system when requested. Also, listen for any KNX telegram related to the internal points configured in it and acts accordingly to the configuration of the related point.

From the BACnet system point of view, after the startup process, the gateway listens for any subscription (COV) request, serves any polling request or performs any writing request of its internal points received from BACnet system. The values received from BACnet become available to be read (and when applicable, written) by the KNX system and vice-versa.

Configuration is carried out using the configuration software IntesisBox® MAPS.


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BACnet Server MAPS User Manual