KNX to LonWorks Gateway

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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of a KNX system from a LonWorks installation.

The IntesisBox LON-KNX is a device meant to enable interworking between KNX (TP-1) and LON (TP/FT-10) control networks.

This ending is achieved by effectively implementing both a Network Variables’ (NVs) interface on the LON side and a Communication Objects’ interface on the KNX side. Data points on either side (NVs at LON or Communication Objects at KNX) are internally bound within the IntesisBox LON-KNX, allowing the information to be moved from KNX to LON and vice-versa.

Thus, IntesisBox LON-KNX will be seen as a regular LON device on the LON TP/FT-10 network and a regular KNX device at the KNX TP-1 network.

The set of Communication Objects on the KNX interface, the set of NVs at the LON interface and the bindings between them are defined in the IntesisBox LON-KNX at configuration time.


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