LED Controllers AKD series

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The MDT LED Controller receives KNX/EIB telegrams and controls 12/24V RGB, RGBW and/or TW LED stripes.

  • Production in Germany certified according to ISO 9001
  • Comprehensive function extension
  • Absolute and relative dimming for HSV colour space and RGB
  • Tunable White color temperature control
  • Selectable dimming curve and PWM frequency up to 1000Hz
  • Global and individual dimming speeds
  • Individual and predefined sequences (e.g. TV Simulator)
  • Repetition of sequences for automatic colour control
  • Suitable for 12/24V CV LED (Common Anode)
    3A for each color channel (flush mounted device)
    4A for each color channel (MDRC device)
  • Selectable load distribution:
    AKD-0224V.02: 2 channels each 3A
    AKD-0324V.02: 3 channels each 3A or 1 ch. 4,50A and 2 ch. 2,25A
    AKD-0424V.02: 4 channels each 3A or 1 ch. 5,25A and 3 ch. 2,25A
    AKD-0424R2.02: 4 channels each 2A or 1 ch. 3,5A and 3 ch. 1,5A
    AKD-0424R.02:   4 channels each 4A or 1 ch. 7,0A and 3 ch. 3,0A
  • Parallel operation of 2 channels
  • Operating modes: 4 x White, RGB, RGBW, Tunable White
  • Automatic color temperature control Dim2Warm
  • Dynamic daylight control HCL
    (Human Centric Lighting)
  • Automatic time-dependent dimming
  • Day/night function
  • Overcurrent and overtemperature supervision
  • Intelligent 16A C-Load Relay output to control external
    LED power supply (not AKD-0424R2.02)
  • 3 years warranty


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