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Link Module

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With the LINKMODULE you can connect remote KNX systems via a network or the internet. Very simple. Very safe. For transmission between the communication partners, BAB SECURELINK (a special VPN connection) is used and serves as the basis for facility coupling. You establish a SECURELINK connection in just a few steps. The complex configuration of VPN parameters belongs to the past. With BAB SECURELINK you not only connect other LINKMODULEs, but also EIBPORT and FACILITYMASTER. The integrated address mapping provides a simple remedy in case of address overlaps. The LINKMODULE is available with KNX/TP interface. In conjunction with the integrated KNXnet/IP server, the device also provides KNXnet/IP router functionality, acts as an interface for the KNX commissioning software ETS, or as a gateway between EnOcean and KNXnet/IP.