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Controller for up to two 2-pipe or 4-pipe fan-coil units with on/off valves and 0-10VDC fan speed control signal, ready to be mounted on DIN rails (4.5u). It has 4 multifunction outputs of 16A C-Load that can be used for the control of the fan-coil on/off valves or any other purpose. Moreover, it has 4 analog-digital multifunction inputs that can be configured as binary inputs for sensors and potential-free push buttons, as temperature probe inputs or as motion sensor inputs. It also includes 2 thermostats and 10 logical functions, and allows the manual control of all the outputs with status indication through LEDs.

Technical Documentation


Accessories not included
  • SQ-AmbienT (Ref. ZAC-SQAT-W/S/A)
  • Temperature probes (Ref. ZAC-NTC68(S/E/F))
  • Motion detector - P (Ref. ZN1IO-DETEC-P)
  • Motion detector - X (Ref. ZN1IO-DETEC-X)
  • Door/window flush-mounted contact (Ref. 990000107/09/10/12)
  • Door/window surface-mounted contact (Ref. 990000306/07/12)