Modbus to KNX Gateway

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It has never been so easy to integrate Modbus Slave devices into a KNX project. Any KNX integrator can integrate Modbus RTU Slaves or Modbus TCP Servers, or both at the same time, and translate the Modbus values to the required KNX DPT types.

IntesisBox is a Modbus RTU Master and TCP Client device allowing to read/write points of other Modbus RTU Slave device(s) and Server device(s) connected to a Modbus network, offering these point's values through its KNX/EIB interface.

From the Modbus system point of view, after the start-up process, IntesisBox reads continuously the points configured to be read in the Modbus Slave devices and updates in its memory all the values received from the Modbus system. Points of Modbus devices can be read/written from KNX at any time.
On the KNX side, IntesisBox simulates a KNX device and acts as if it was a single device into the KNX system.

The IntesisBox's KNX EIB interface connects directly to the EIB bus and it is optoisolated from the rest of the internal electronics.


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