Push Buttons Lite 55

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The MDT Push Button Lite 55 releases KNX telegrams after pressing the buttons, 1 or 2 Button operation can be programmed.
Each button has two RGBW status LEDs. In addition to switching, dimming, shutters or sending values, numerous functions are available. The Push Button Lite 55 has 4 integrated logic blocks.

  • Production in Germany certified according to ISO 9001
  • Fits 55mm systems/ranges:
    - GIRA Standard 55, E2, E22, Event, Esprit
    - BERKER S1, B3, B7
    - JUNG A500, Aplus, Acreation, AS500
    - MERTEN 1M, M-Smart, M-Plan, M-Pure
  • Push Buttons can be programmed for 1 or 2 button operation
  • 1 and 2 button operation for switching, dimming, shutters, values
  • Changing of values/scenes with up to 4 values
  • Operation with short/long button push and 2 objects
  • Innovative group control with long/extra long button press
  • New multi touch function, sends up to 4 values/DPTs
    on the same or different objects
  • Two RGBW Status LED per button pair
  • LED brighness controllable via day/night or brightness object
  • 4 logic blocks
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • 3 years warranty


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Operation Instructions