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SoundSystem for 1-5 rooms

The RP341 is a 4-way amplifier with one streamer, one FM tuner and one line input. Independent for 1-5 rooms or in combination with other trivum SoundSystems for up to 64 rooms. 

  • Enormously flexible thanks to trivum t3OS operating system
  • Amplifier output with 8x30 Watt
  • additional variable preamplifier output 
  • All 5 outputs share 3 sources: Streaming, Tuner and AUX
  • Streams music from TuneIn, AirPlay, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, NAS and Web URLs.
  • Free app for iOS and Android or to use via browser
  • The RP341 can be used alone for 1-5 zones. It can be combined with other trivum sound systems for up to 64 zones.

The RP341 can be used alone for 1-5 zones. It can be combined with other trivum sound systems for up to 64 zones.
Thanks to our intuitive app, the system is very easy to use - on smartphones as well as in a web browser or on the trivum TouchPads. Thanks to the trivum t3OS operating system, the trivum SoundSystems are both simple and very flexible. It contains many additional functions that make the RP341 a powerful central unit in any home. 

Music Functions


Digital amplifier with 8x30 Watt power.

Preamplifier output

Switchable output (1V RMS or 2V RMS) with additional control signals on/off and 0-10V for external power amplifiers (e.g. trivum RA-410)

Streaming Client

A streaming client plays music from streaming services, AirPlay, Spotify Connect as well as streaming URLs and NAS (network shares)

FM Radio The built-in FM tuner has 30 presets.
AUX output

Either the analog source connected to the RP341 can be accessed, or remote (up to 100m) analog/digital sources can be accessed using the trivum input adapter.

Streaming services Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz.
DSP (Digital Sound Processor)

The RP341 has powerful filters for each output: Bass, Treble, Balance, Loudness, Bass Enhance, Highpass, 5 parametric equalizers with preset function. More is simply not possible!

Numerous objects are available for control and query via KNX addresses. All trivum functions can be triggered by KNX telegrams and numerous information can be sent as telegrams.
Every trivum SoundSystem has a free KNX visualisation built in. This allows you to switch KNX objects easily and visually with the web browser (also smartphones)
Grouping of zones. Predefinable groups. 'All-Off' function (also via KNX). Extended zone control for e.g. garden and children's areas. Day and night rest times can be preset. Announcements. Ringing. Several alarms per zone.
And much more!
Apps Apps for iOS and Android are available free of charge. The trivum TouchPads support the SoundSystem and any web browser can immediately use the WebApp and via KNX any KNX system can control the SoundSystem via KNX/IP.

Further Functions

KNX Visualization 

The RP341 provides a free KNX visualization for lighting, shading, macros, music and weather. It can be accessed from any web browser, including any smartphone. 

The built-in calendar makes it possible to schedule actions in advance on certain days: announcements, KNX telegrams, music or macro calls.
RTI compatible  

The RP341 can be operated from any RTI remote control or control solution. The trivum RTI driver provides everything you need.

Lutron compatible  
The RP341 can be controlled from Lutron control panels.
Many functions of the RP010 are available to developers through our open and well documented API.
Maintenance With remote maintenance that can be switched off, support staff can look directly at the SoundSystem and help very quickly with problems.
Simple configuration
The configuration is done via web browser. You don't have to configure anything to put a trivum SoundSystem into operation. Plug in, connect and then immediately play Internet Radio with iPhone App. You can really configure a lot - but you don't have to!



Quick Installation Guide