Sewi KNX

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The Sewi KNX sensors record various indoor data depending on the model. The measurement values can be used each for the control of limit-depending switching outputs. States can be linked via AND logic gates and OR logic gates. Multi-function modules change input data as required by means of calculations, querying a condition or converting the data point type.

Some models offer a mixed value calculation and a variable comparator that compares and outputs values received by the communication objects. 
All CO2 and humidity sensors have an integrated PI controller to control a ventilation system. All temperature sensors have a PI controller for a heating/cooling system.

AQS/TH-D L-Pr Data Sheet

AQS and AQS/TH-D Data Sheet

L Data Sheet

L-Pr Data Sheet

T Data Sheet

TH Data Sheet

TH-L-Pr Data Sheet

AQS/TH-D L-Pr Manual

AQS and AQS/TH-D Manual

L Manual

L-Pr Manual

T Manual

TH Manual

TH-L-Pr Manual