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The world's first KNX connection (plug-in) for networking products from the Axis Communications company.

Combine the world of building automation (KNX) with the security technology of the Axis Communications company. Utilise the strengths of both worlds and integrate network cameras, door stations and network loudspeakers into the KNX – with no additional hardware! Simply plug our plug-in into the Axis IP product and configure it.

Who needs umpteen camera recordings of trees moving in the wind or moths flitting around the light?
In future, use your KNX motion detector to start recordings and record only those things which are important.

If you'd like to enjoy the garden, deactivate motion detection and/or activate the private zone masks of your surveillance camera, e.g. with a KNX door contact on your terrace door. Bothersome switching off of the PoE power supply is no longer necessary.

If unauthorised persons tamper with your house, the camera registers this movement and not only starts recording, but also switches on the lighting and television via KNX and begins playing announcements (dog barking, voices etc.), e.g. using the Sonos sound system. There are no limits to your imagination. Discover deterrents on a whole new level.

Someone sabotages your camera by covering it or spraying it with paint. As soon as this happens, an alarm is triggered and you are notified. This enables you to actively intervene in the event as it unfolds, not after the saboteur has finished the job.

Door station with KNX! 

Don't just integrate network-only cameras into the KNX – include your door stations from Axis Communications as well. Use the call button to play a ring tone using the KNX and Sonos sound system, for example.

Your loudspeakers from Axis Communications can be integrated into your KNX system as well, thus enabling the control of loudspeaker playback in your shop over KNX, for example.

The "ISE SMART APP KNX AXIS" plug-in is installed directly on a network device (e.g. network camera) based on an Axis ACAP (AXIS Camera Application Platform). After successful installation, the Axis network device is a KNX/IP device and communicates with the world of KNX via KNX/IP routing. The plug-in is configured on the network device (event system) and in the ETS. KNX installations are usually implemented with two wires (TP), meaning that a  KNX/IP router has to be present in this installation (often already present in KNX visualisation systems) to enable communication between KNX/IP and KNX/TP.


ETS Datafile

EAP installation package

If you are not sure which installation package you need, you can query the required processor type on your camera. Please replace <Camera IP> with the actual IP address of the camera.


ACAP based network products with armv6l or armv7l architecture

ACAP based network products with crisv32 architecture

ACAP based network products with mips architecture

ACAP based network products with armv7hf architecture

The plug-in can only be used on network devices from Axis Communications with ACAP support.