Smart Connect KNX HUE

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The Philips Hue lighting system can now also be operated via KNX. Colour value, temperature and brightness can be defined for every light, making each completely customisable.

Recreate the summer mood captured with your smartphone at the seaside at home. Program your own sunrise. Set the right scene at your house party. Using the Hue wireless illumination system from Philips, you can customise lighting and thereby increase the quality of your life. It used to be an impediment for all KNX users – a lack of perfect integration into the KNX system.

Now, the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX HUE provides a solution for this. Thanks to the innovative KNX adapter, up to 25 Hue lights can be controlled by  each dimmer or switch via KNX. The LED technology in the light sources opens up a broad spectrum of light tones, from warm to vibrant. Individualized RGB values can be specified for each individual light. You can conveniently choose between entire light scenarios or separate operation using the KNX operating element. 

The ISE SMART CONNECT KNX HUE is simply connected to your KNX installation and the home network on which your Philips Hue bridge is also located. Use the ETS to make configurations and set up lights and Bob's your uncle. You're ready to go.

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