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From electricity meter to heating: With the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX PROGRAMMABLE, third-party devices can be connected to the KNX bus in an simple and reliable way. This enables individualised connection logic to be developed in just a few days. The barrier to the world of building automation has never been this low.

For communication with the third-party system, the IP and USB interfaces can be used. The Programmable is the first successful affordable alternative to costly device development. Not only is the low price of the device itself impressive, but its further development is affordable as well. Either C# or VB.Net can be used to implement the application. This means that widely used and free programming tools can readily be used.

Just a push of a button is all it will take to dim the lights or start the multimedia system in future. This adapter enables more devices than ever before to be integrated into the KNX system.

Using IP and USB adapters (FTDI), such as Modbus, 1Wire, RS232, RS485, HDMI (CEC), IR, CAN and other adapters, third-party systems can be readily integrated.

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