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Secure remote access from anywhere, whether mobile or landline. Unpack, connect and you’re ready to go.

Users and electricians profit from the significant advantages of remote access: Easy set-up and secure remote installation and configuration make work
considerably easier and save money when it comes to configuration, maintenance and care.

It has never been so secure and uncomplicated to connect to the KNX system remotely. You can forget about expensive house calls from your system integrator. Desired changes and system maintenance can be carried out quickly and individually, anywhere in the world – even while on the go.

The Remote Access is simply connected to the home network. It then connects to the portal server ( automatically through
your existing Internet connection. Communication between the Remote Access and the portal server is encrypted and secured with digital certificates.

With a connection to the home network, you can now access almost all of your network devices using the Internet. Depending on the network protocols supported by the respective device, access occurs directly through the SDA portal server or through the "SDA client" software available for windows platforms. If you have a KNX installation in your house, you can connect it to the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX REMOTE ACCESS using the KNX connection if desired. This enables you, or your electrical installer, to access your KNX devices from anywhere, e.g. with the ETS.

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