Smart Connect KNX SONOS

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Up to ten Sonos master devices each with one master and up to five slaves can easily be controlled via KNX. Optionally, each room can be operated separately or, using party mode, the entire house simultaneously.

Crystal-clear hi-fi sound and virtually unlimited sound scenarios: The Sonos sound system gives digital music a diverse landscape made up of different wireless loudspeakers and audio systems. This acoustic marvel had just one catch up until now: It had to be operated using a special app, especially when used with zones. A chore for every KNX user.

Now, the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX SONOS is opening up the world of KNX to this popular family of sound and making it even easier to use. Up to ten Sonos master devices can be connected via IP with dynamic zone creation. Each of these master devices, in turn, can be networked with up to five slave devices. Here, either a separate music program is assigned to each master device or a master device operates the entire device landscape.

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