Smart Connect KNX VIEGA

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The ISE SMART CONNECT KNX VIEGA integrates the innovative Fonterra Smart Control single-room control by Viega into the KNX system.

Up to five base stations can be controlled with the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX VIEGA. Up to 8 room temperature controllers and 12 outlets can be connected to each of these base stations.

For more information on the Fonterra Smart Control, please see

During longer periods of absence, such as holidays or business trips, you can simply set the system into absence mode. You can also define your scheduled return time. The system will make sure that the heating is on at the right time, whilst saving considerable energy during the remaining period.

With remote access, such as the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX REMOTE ACCESS and a KNX visualisation, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your individual requirements even when you’re not at home.

The ISE SMART CONNECT KNX VIEGA is simply connected to your KNX installation and the home network on which the Fonterra Smart Control base station with WLAN module is also located.

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