TouchPad 7

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The trivum 7" TouchPad combines the latest design with state-of-the-art technology. The frame less glass surface has style in comfort and functionality. However, not just the size is impressive: the simplified user interface guides the user instinctive through the music library, streaming services and so on. Creating groups, editing play lists - everything is intuitive and quick to use.

With the trivum TouchPad as music controller, you can control all trivum Multiroom Systems. Create playlists, browse through the music catalogs of the common music streaming services, or group your rooms as needed, for playing music synchronized in all rooms. Play your music with the right touch.

Integrate the trivum TouchPad in your KNX home automation environment and you can operate e.g. lighting, climate and sunblind, etc. And much more: for example, you can link your KNX sensors with the trivum Multiroom System. New exciting time and scene control options are possible. With the KNX control panel editor, you can customize the KNX user interface to your requirements.

The user interface in KNX control mode is freely configurable. Up to 8 pages can be created. Buttons of different sizes can be placed on each page. The following buttons are currently available:

Switcher Switches a light on/off
Dimmer Switches a light on/off and dims from 0-100%.
RGB Witches an RGB light on/off, dims from 0-100% and determines the light color.
Jalousie Jalousie and roller shutters are controlled with long/short and absolute values. 4 presets are available for each blind.
Climate For climate control, external actuators and sensors are controlled by means of comfort/night/standby/freezing and setpoints. Values of temperature sensors are displayed.
Display For displaying KNX values such as temperature, status, text etc. from various KNX sensors/actuators.
Scene KNX or TouchPad Scene
Timer Activates/deactivates one of the KNX timers integrated in the TouchPad
Macro A macro is a series of commands that are executed one after the other. The commands are commands for executing KNX commands, TCP commands, UDP commands, etc.
Clock Clock with different skins
Audio  displays title, artist, album and album cover when music is playing.

A classic stopwatch

Weather Weather forecast with temperature, humidity, wind speed, sunrise/sunset time, for up to 5 days.
Webcam Images from IP cameras with Motion JPEG standard are displayed and can, if motorized, also be controlled.

Navigates between the screens.
Text Any text with customizable color and size freely placeable on the screen.

Text Any text with customizable color and size freely placeable on the screen.
Image Image file freely placeable on the screen
Browser displays a web page with the help of the built-in web browser.
Lock blocks the page with a PIN code



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