viveroo Free flex

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Your iPad, right where you need it: At your desk, in the living room or in the kitchen –a highlight in every setting. For lovers of mobility and everyone who values high-quality design and intelligent technology.

Place the iPad in free and remove it at any time – even with just one hand. You stay flexible and mobile. The perfect fit ensures that the iPad is charged reliably. Soft felt covering protects the surface. Should your iPad require heightened protection, it can be secured with a lock and key system to protect against theft.

With the special rotating joint in our premium docking station, the iPad can be rotated 360 degrees, tilted up to 180 degrees – and viewed from the perfect angle. What’s more, you can choose between vertical and horizontal formats. Simply intelligent.

Via the USB interface, the iPad is charged quickly and reliably in viveroo free flex. Even though continuous charging, a special adapter treats the battery with care. Your iPad is always ready for action.