Zennio GetFace IP RFID Reader

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Zennio GetFace IP is the video intercom system that include the outdoor video intercom unit (with keypad, buttons, RFID card reader...) and the indoor touch panel Z41 COM to receive the external calls, communicate with the outdoor unit and open the door.

For community buildings, the IP network infrastructure is also integrated for the communication with each apartment. Z41 COM also provides a complete menu panel with up to 96 KNX controls/indicators and remote control through Z41 Remote app from anywhere.

Technical Documentation

Accessories not included
  • External RFID reader for PC (USB interface) (Ref. ZVP-RFUSB)
  • RFID card (Mifare Classic 1K) (Ref. ZVP-RFCARD)
  • RFID printed card (Mifare Classic 1K) (Ref. ZVP-RFCARP)
  • RFID key (Mifare Classic 1K) (Ref. ZVP-RFKEY)