Binary Inputs BE series

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The MDT Binary Input is available in 3 versions, input detection of 24VAC/DC signals, input detection of 230VAC signals and reading out of floating contacts. The Binary Input reacts depending on its programmed parameters and sends a telegram on the KNX bus.


  • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
  • To connect push-buttons or window/auxiliary contacts
  • 4 integrated logical modules,e.g. interpretation of the inputs
    (e.g. window closed or sending second object)
  • NO or NC contact operation, sending of contact state
  • Operation of blinds and shutters, 1 and 2 button operation
  • Forced setting function for each output
  • Scenes, block communication object for each channel
  • Operation with short/long button push and 2 objects
  • Counting of pulses, suitable for 30ms S0 pulses
  • Cyclical sending, sending after reset
  • Internal contact voltage 12V


ETS product data


Assembly and operation instructions

Technical manual