Cala KNX MultiTouch T

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The Cala KNX MultiTouch T push button has touch-sensitive buttons with which functions can be called up in the KNX building bus system. The glass surface is printed with areas for setting the light and temperature. Coloured LEDs (one white LED in the light symbol, one red and one blue LED in the thermometer symbol and three white LEDs each for level indication) are integrated in these areas and their behaviour can be adjusted. With Cala KNX MultiTouch T Light/Sunblind, an area for moving blinds/sunshades (up/down) is added, and with Cala KNX MultiTouch T Light/Scenes, an area for calling up scenes (3 scenes).

A temperature sensor is integrated into Cala KNX MultiTouch T. An external temperature reading can be received via the bus and processed with its own data to create a total temperature (mixed value).

The Cala KNX MultiTouch T has a PI controller for heating and cooling. The setpoint temperature can be changed using the "+" and "-" touch buttons.

Communication objects can be linked via AND and OR logic gates. The device is supplemented with a frame of the switch series used in the building, and thus fits seamlessly into the interior fittings.

Delivery without frame