KNX Room Thermostat

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  • KNX communications
  • Output DC 0…10 V for VAV actuator and auxiliary output ON/OFF, PWM or 3-position or 3-position for VAV actuator and auxiliary output DC 0...10 V
  • 2 multifunctional inputs for keycard contact, external room / return air temperature (1x, QAH11.1, QAA32), heat / cool changeover, operation mode changeover, window contact on/off, dewpoint monitor, electrical heater enabled, fault contact, presence detector
  • 1 input DC 0...10 V for damper position feedback, for CO2 sensor
  • Operating modes: Comfort, Economy and Protection
  • Modulating PI control
  • Control depending on the room or the return air temperature and air quality
  • Automatic or manual heating / cooling changeover
  • Adjustable commissioning and control parameters
  • Minimum and maximum setpoint limitation
  • Minimum and maximum limitation of air flow signal
  • Output signal inversion (DC 0...10 V) as an option
  • Backlit display
  • Model RDG405KN


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