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The all-rounder on your wall!

This touchpanel combines the functions of a smartphone with building security functions. It is the product innovation for more comfort and security in every smart building!

The elegant and unobtrusive design of DIVUS TOUCHZONE impresses with its harmonious appearance, and inspires architects and interior designers. The touchpanel can be installed horizontally or vertically, in the classic DIVUS design where the DIVUS TOUCHZONE is hung on the wall in a featherweight fashion and only the 3 mm thick glass (black or white) projects from the wall. The panel livens up the options.


  • glass multi-Touchpanel for an intuitive handling in residential and commercial buildings
  • dedicated screen for controlling temperature, lighting, shading and more
  • home audio control panel
  • an elegant interior intercom station
  • control panel for energy and security management of the building
  • artwork for the wall – Made in Italy
  • call system for office, surgery, conference room


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